Holistic Nutrition

Diploma in Holistic Nutrition is 12-18-month program that traverses the relevance of food in creating good shape. The course has a complex and planned structure which comprises varied nutritional convictions through various aspects and viewpoints. Study includes a blend of Ayurvedic, Traditional and Western medicine. Program follows theoretical and practical approach both and embrace cuisine and objective sessions.

Since the holistic nutrition deals with whole-life approach, it further includes a specific cultural method that interconnects everything related to a person and the environment. The course focuses primarily on understanding individual’s strength and weakness, upon which different approaches are based. Learned personnel have opportunities in food, medical and other fields of science. An individual can also work as a freelancer or a consultant post relevant work experience.

A candidate must have cleared senior school or equivalent level of examination to be eligible to shape career in the field of nutrition. Admission is based on merit and a no. of institutes conduct entrance exam to check nutrition understanding of a candidate.

Nutrition and Dietetics

Health awareness has touched down effectively around the globe. People are paying good attention to yoga and diet along with gym. For same reason, Nutrition Experts are consulted from time to time. If you are someone who is interested beyond self-healthcare and wishes to work in the health sector, you can pursue a career in Nutrition and Dietetics.

Diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics is a 1-year professional program comprising detailed concepts related to food health, food management and balanced diet. The course involves advanced techniques and dietary modifications followed by a 24-week internship. Study in the subject field works more than just an academic course as it develops health discipline within self.

Nutritionist and Dietician have opportunities to work in hospitals, nursing homes where professionals prepare diet charts according to varying patients. An individual can work in government agencies, health and fitness clubs and day-care centres. Aspirant can also practice as independent advisor or consultant.

A candidate is required to have cleared senior school or equivalent level in Science stream with Biology as mandatory subject from any recognized board to be eligible for the program. Admission is on merit basis and few institutes conduct entrance exams as well.

Sports Nutrition

Even though it is obvious, some athletes and fitness enthusiasts are unaware of the impact that food can have on training and performance. A well-planned strategy on consumption of food surely yields a positive effect on fitness, recovery, competition, reduction in the risk of illness, and most importantly, helps in achieving optimal results. The productivity has led to the new horizons of nutrition and one of which is Sports Nutrition.

Diploma in Sports Nutrition is a 6-12-month program offering specialized skill in understanding the impact of food on a body. Students are offered varied concepts in theoretical understanding of nutrition for sports & fitness performance. Program is followed by an 8-12-week training where individuals understand the need of application of sports nutrition theories in real world. Individuals can easily find work opportunities, post successful completion of program, in the athletic departments, sports teams, wellness centres, etc.

A candidate must have cleared senior school or equivalent level in any stream from a recognized board to be eligible to pursue career in the field of Sports Nutrition.

Food and Nutrition Science

Several courses focus on connection between nutrition & food science, and offers an understanding on how these two aspects are interlinked. The course is curated to meet the outgrowing demand of Nutritionists who understand this blend of Science and Food.

Diploma in Food and Nutrition Science is a 1 – 1.5-year program covering in-depth concepts on human physiology, health nutrition, food microbiology, food quality analysis, food preservation, food service management and many more, through planned modules followed by an internship to cure the spaces. The course is suitable for candidates having interest in gathering huge data and information to convert them into analysis reports. As a career aspect, working opportunities are diversified in the domains like Agriculture, Schools, Colleges, Hospitals and other organisations related to food and nutrition. Individuals have an alternate career option in business as well.

A candidate is required to have completed senior school or equivalent level with a minimum score of 45% from any recognized board or university. A no. of esteemed institutes requires bachelor’s degree for eligibility. Admission is based on merit and same esteemed institutes may conduct entrance exam as eligibility.

Nutrition and Child Care

A baby is initially nurtured in the womb and then throughout our lives. Nevertheless, the phase post birth is equally relevant in child nutrition. The need has introduced to a new aspect of study as Child Nutrition. Several professional programs run around the globe in order to provide techniques to parents and aspirants looking out for profession out of child nutritional consulting, understanding nutrition at core for children.

Diploma in Child Nutrition is a professional program covering wide concepts like categories of nutrition, relevance of nutrition in daily diet, and nutritional requirements & proportions. The course encompasses details on food allergies and other food-related issues in children. Diploma Course guides you through varied phases, helping an individual to be an expert or consultant in child nutrition. Work opportunities are usually in schools, hospitals, healthcare centres and related organisations like NGOs.

Since the work is concerned with children at all ages, work professionals are required to develop an effective interpersonal relationship as a prerequisite to shape career in the field. A candidate is required to have completed senior school level of examination from any recognized board to be eligible for the program. Admissions are on merit except some institutes which conduct a review/exam.

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