Mini MBA

During our last 2 decades of experience in the education, training & Career domains, we came across a heartening phenomenon which was & is still common in all the developing economies, be it Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam, Bhutan, India, Bangladesh and a lot of other similarly placed countries. The fact was that a lot of people, really a lot, are stuck in their jobs either without any further growth and promotion or because of the absence of any robust qualification which might help them to shift to some interesting domain of their liking.

Considering the magnitude of this problem, we have devised a special skill based course which is called MINI-MBA.

This course is adored with many simulation case studies, management tools, real world tips & tricks, role-plays, practical hands-on experiences, a team project for the entire batch and other resources which will help the student to excel in terms of his existing qualification by leaps and bounds.

A Mini-MBA (also known as Executive Mini MBA) can be a magnificent option in contrast to the conventional MBA, and a large number of business pioneers everywhere throughout the world are making the most of this learning opportunity. In the event that you are searching for some quite reasonable option to acquire new aptitudes, learn new business strategies, review current strategic approaches as well as inspired by the chance of continuing to a full MBA Course, enlisting onto the our Mini MBA Course will be perfect for you.

This Course will assist you with changing your vocation and completely transform how you work. You will rapidly create MBA level business & professional reasoning, strategic conduct and dynamic systems which truly work in practical world from the word GO.

You will quickly cover and learn numerous MBA key administration and business thoughts and ideas to help guide, challenge and move you to better outcomes, whatever level/position you are in your profession.

Our Executive Mini MBA Course will direct you through all the viewpoints shrouded in a standard MBA degree course offered at any top business college. Our Mini MBA Course centers around imparting the quality of what a standard MBA degree offers, however in group which is increasingly open and which is accessible as a Distance Training Course for the individuals who can’t bear the cost of an opportunity to submit to a full time 2 or multi year course. Even if you have gotten a MBA degree in the past, this Mini MBA Course will fill in as a convenient and important supplemental class and useful exercise to brush up your skillsets and come par with the current developments in the professional world.

Our Executive Mini MBA Course is intended to be finished over a shorter period which is quite flexible so that it suits your individual requirements and convenience. You can finish this special course in a week or in a couple of months or take one full year or you can undertake this course in modules taking breaks in between. All this can be done for you with no extra Fee. In the event that you can’t finish the Course inside that time, we will be glad to extend our support for as long as a half year more beyond the initial one year stipulated for its completion, for a nominal extra charge.

The great Executive Mini MBA Course will acquaint you with and challenge you in a wide scope of various business and top administration themes typically canvassed in a full MBA. It will give you the chance to figure out how much there is to think about business and how to deal with a business productively. It is an extraordinarily reasonable Course which packs a wide scope of data into 12 Modules which handle generously indistinguishable issues from a full MBA.

You will become familiar with the key business bits of knowledge, thorough administration practices, benchmarks, and business procedures that are covered in a full MBA Course – at a small portion of the time and cost – from remarkable, profoundly qualified guest/permanent faculties of our franchise institutes with genuine business and top administrative experience. You can see the list of the modules/topics/subjects which will be covered under our MINI MBA Program.

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CCC MINI MBA – Syllabus Outline

((Note – The Syllabus is flexible – subject to the Country of Study & the demography of the students’ batch. A Couple of Modules can be modified by our franchises according to the specific requirements of the students/batch because for Mini-MB we deal with experienced professionals only. ))
  • Basics of Management
  • Business Administration
  • Management Leadership
  • Management Communication
  • Marketing
  • Global Business Management
  • Entire module on Startup Domain
  • Finance (including Startup Funding)

Eligibility Criteria for CCC MINI MBA

Minimum of 5 years management/professional work experience if you don’t have a graduate degree

Minimum of 2 years management/professional experience if you have a graduate degree

For Mini MBA, we will give high weight-age to your accumulated work experience because this course is totally focused on imparting 100% practically applicable knowledge to the students

Proficiency in English Language (Though, while taking Mini MBA classes through our franchises based in their country, the students can get faculties who may speak their mother tongue but the study material will be in English only)

Career Enhancement Prospects

This is the very purpose of this specially designed course – to enhance your career prospects enabling you to excel in your respective career. The students will get immense help in enhancing their managerial, planning, target achieving, problem solving, negotiating, resource handling, communication & team building skills.

Hence, this course will surely help you in having a decorated Resume (CV) and ultimately get good job openings, excellent promotions and salary increments.