Hotel & Hospitality Management

Hotel Management

The hospitality business at global level thrive undoubtedly through the consistent dedication of departments which contribute to keep up the wow factor and business charm as whole one. The sector offers a great deal of job opportunities at any given moment.

Diploma in Hotel Management is a specialised skill-based course, curated for aspirants looking forward to shape their career in the industry. Even though no prior knowledge or experience is a requisite to the programme, but the course is practically ideal for those working on enhancement of existing skills. Hotel Management is actually a one big tree being dispersed across numerous branches. The Diploma course runs for a year and overlays the concepts of Hotel Management structure and more introductory concepts of the related subjects.

A candidate must have cleared Senior School examination or equivalent qualification from any recognized board, which makes it easier to take up since Hotel Management is best suited for aspirants who have recently cleared their schools.

Food and Beverages Services

Hospitality sector is all about catering to the needs of individuals and it functions on the basis of varied verticals in which one of the services to be taken care is Food and Beverages. Learning of it as a fact that a hotel generates somewhat equal proportion of revenue from F&B services, many institutes offer multiple courses in the field with average duration of 6-12 months.

Diploma in Food and Beverages Service is one such programme where a candidate is eligible to apply for the course if he/she has completed senior school level from a recognized education board. Admission to the course is on the basis of entrance exam(s) specific to institutes. The course helps in understanding the needs of a consumer, budgeting, F&B selection and other basic detailing related to areas of food and beverage.

Considering as a career option, the job demands excellent communication skills to interact with clients in order to offer the best of services. Different career options include fancy jobs like chef, associates, managers and waiters/waitresses.

Bakery and Confectionery

Food enthusiasts have taken the hospitality business to a whole new horizon. Elite hospitality segment makes all efforts to leave no opportunity in offering better delicacies. The bar is now set to the lengths that specialized courses are being offered by the institutes in order to match the perfection.

Bakery & confectionery is one such department on which the hosting is critically judged in hospitality sector. Prominent institutes around the globe offer skill-based programme as in Diploma Course in Bakery & Confectionery which is basically a 12-month programme and comprises theoretical, practical and internship aspects. Individuals are benefited with creative skills and interpersonal relationships during the session. Expertise in client’s interaction works quite well for aspirants, for its work nature. Individuals have opportunities at global level and candidates without prior experience have comparatively more work opportunities in the sector. Job offerings are largely for the positions of

A candidate must have qualified senior school or equivalent level of examination in any stream from a recognized board. Admission is on merit basis and individuals having fluent verbal and non-verbal communication skills are prioritized by default.

Front Office Operations

Hospitality business is one of the rare sectors which prefer skill over knowledge, amongst diverse departments. Understanding the relevance, there exists multiple job-oriented courses in the sector. Front office operations are one such department where candidate’s interpersonal skills are preferably more relevant than level of knowledge attainment. For the same reason, most of the institutes enroll the candidates who have cleared senior school level from any recognized board.

Diploma in Front Office Operations provide in-depth knowledge of hotel reservation systems, pro-active interactions, concern redressals and enhancement of person traits. The Diploma course runs for a period of 12 months, covering varied areas initiating with help desk and back office. Interpersonal and Intrapersonal skills are focused areas and candidates are exposed with live training in order to grasp the calmness requirement for the job. Front office is linked to every department in and beyond the premises. Front office at its core is intact service delivery and an individual is devised with all information until a professional is produced.

A candidate must have cleared senior school level from a recognized board to be eligible for the programme. Admission to the course is based on verbal and non-verbal review conducted by institutes, depending upon communication skills and other factors.

Food Production and Hygiene

Current estimates suggest the global revenue of Hotel industry to raise by an effective margin over next few years down the line. Food and Beverage, one handed, accounts for major proportion of the consolidated revenue.

Institutes offer a specialized course in Food Production which focus immensely on production whilst maintaining right hygiene. Diploma in Food Production and Hygiene is a 12-month programme followed by live training sessions. The course comprises varied concepts of production management, storage areas, hygiene value and product costing. Hospitality-based channels have unvarying job positions for personnel as Food Quality Executive/Supervisor/Manager and related jobs in food technology and marketing.

Certification in Diploma can be pursued post completion of senior school level of examination from a recognized board and few institutes require bachelor’s degree depending upon the nature of course. Admission to the course is based on merit basis and reviews conducted by institutions.

House Keeping

Hospitality sector thrives on one success technique which makes it way normal to get noticed. The term is Housekeeping. Being one of the fundamental tasks to maintain and regularly keep up with. Several courses relevant to subject matter are offered to pace up individual’s skill and produce professionals in management.

Diploma in House Keeping is a 1-year professional certification programme that offers theoretical and practical knowledge followed by process training for certain weeks. The course comprises elements of communication and interpersonal skills. It further introduces to the concept of hygiene and responsibilities to dimensions of cleaning management. Diploma course has wide acceptance around the globe and turns out to be one of the effective courses in many nations. An individual has good chances of shaping the career in the field of housekeeping if he or she has suitable management skills. Since the beginners in the area get exposed to opportunities like linen keeper, material manager, housekeeping executive or manager, graduates have a fair deal in extended opportunities like babysitting, gardening, groundskeeper, etc.

An aspirant must have cleared senior school level of examination to be eligible to proceed further in the subject field. Admission are based on merit basis and few colleges conduct exams to check other related subject matter.

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