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Beauty & Hair Care

Diploma in Beauty Care and Hair Dressing is a 1-year skill-based program curated for individuals to learn and understand about beauty culture and treatment. The program focuses on hair and beauty care through varied skills and techniques being imparted to students. Aspirants study and learn about diverse sections of care including spa, facial, hair styling, make over etc. The course is well defined and structured into modules that cover the concepts of anatomy, physiology, body care, cosmetic blend and other management skills. Individuals having no prior experience and knowledge in the field can pursue this program for its approach and content coverage from basic to advanced level. Post successful completion of program, students learn to pamper the clients through skills and techniques like varied make up and touch, maintenance of skin health, hair styling, advanced equipment, etc. On career front, beginners have work opportunities in salons, beauty clinics, body care centres, etc. Professionals can specialize in a domain through further study or practical experience.

Admission to the program is based on merit and individual review. Review to be conducted by the respective institutes. Minimum eligibility – A candidate must have completed senior school or equivalent level of examination from a recognized board.

Health Education

Diploma in Health Education is a 1-year professional program focused to introduce and share detailed content regarding health and to make individuals develop self-consciousness and make others aware of good health. Though the program is quite of relevance, there exist a smaller number of institutes offering this course.

The program is designed to offer expertise in the areas of community health, health psychology, drug & alcohol related behaviour, adult education, etc. The diploma course is planned in modules and covers varied concepts related to human health. Aspirants can attain the skills and techniques to develop strategies, reasoning, critical thinking, time management and intense demonstration ability through this program. As a career aspect, potential candidates have work opportunities in hospitals and health care related organisations. Professionals may seek opportunities at global level in different industries including academic institutions, MNCs, etc.

Admission to the program is based on merit. Minimum eligibility – A candidate must have obtained bachelor’s degree in science stream or equivalent from a recognized university and must have completed relevant internship program as per respective institutes.


Diploma in Yoga is a 1-year skill-based program covering different aspects of the study of yoga and naturopathy. The program is curated to develop inner-feeling to stay physically and mentally fit whilst creating an ability to pursue career in the subject field.

Since the program involves immense amount of physical energy and mobility, candidates are required to obtain and present a medical certificate that confirms fitness to take up the course. Yoga, being a conventional way of healthy life, is studied through varied perspectives. The diploma course begins with theoretical knowledge which is later studied through practice and is followed by an internship program or live training as a part of the program. The course imparts conceptual knowledge of foundation & philosophy of yoga, anatomy of human body, physical and mental health, behaviour science and teaching methodology. Certificate of Diploma is issued to a candidate post clearance of practical examination of the concept. On successful completion of the program, individuals learn to stay calm & composed to analyse physiology and psychology at its core. On career front, individuals can work as instructors or trainers of yoga.

Admission to the program is based on merit and proficiency level in English language. Minimum eligibility – A candidate must have completed senior school or equivalent level of examination from a recognized board.

Child Health

Diploma in Child Health is a 2-year specialized program curated to offer knowledge and training in paediatrics. The program involves detailed knowledge and skills to be imparted in order to provide special care to new borns, infants, children and adolescents.

The diploma course comprises a branch of paediatrics which is basically a subspecialty and its study religiously revolves around medical care of infants. The study integrates several concepts to diagnose, analyse and treat premature new born with utmost and critical care. The field is crucial and demands dedication at all phases. On successful completion of the program, individuals may seek work opportunities in hospitals, research organisations, academic institutions, health care centres, etc. Employment is based in private and government sector both. The expertise in the field yields typica work profiles like of assistant teacher, paediatric nurse, physician, nutrition specialist or coordinator, etc. Aspirants can also pursue higher studies and explore the domain further, or opt for fellowship programs as well.

Admission to the program depends upon respective institutes since admission can be on merit basis or through an entrance exam followed by an interview as well. Minimum eligibility – A candidate must have obtained bachelor’s degree in medical science stream from a recognized university.

Care Giving

The concept of care giving and creation of a cadre of care givers is the necessity of the country which cares for its senior citizens in particular. This course provides an opportunity to discover the area of Gerontology, a field of nursing that emphasis on the care of older adults. Student’s studies about elementary Geriatric Care, Computer Knowledge, food and dietary first-aid, Communication skills for Geriatric patients, database management, firefighting, and housekeeping, etc. The availability of trained care givers with all the necessary skills & practical exposure in care giving will definitely fulfill the needs of the chronically ill, elderly and persons with disability.
Care Giving has become one of the trending career options in recent times due to a constant rise in the ageing population in the world. Especially in developed countries, where a considerable focus is on providing adequate health care to all the citizens and people have enough money to afford a specialist health care or care giver, this career option has become more popular.
Admission to the program is based on merit. Minimum eligibility – A candidate must have completed senior school or equivalent level of examination from a recognized board.

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