Data Science & Programming

Data Science

Business decisions are well informed when data is stored, processed and analysed for and at any moment. Organisations run religiously on regular data analysis, driving academic institutes to offer multiple courses in the field of data science.

Prominent institutes offer a 1-year Diploma course in Data Science, covering manifold subjects like DBMS, Analysis, Visualisation, and further dig in core of data scraping and big data analytics. Data Scientists are one of the eminent players in the market and it is all because of the potentially accurate analysis through varied statistical tools. As a matter of fact, Data science has enormously contributed to the attainment of company’s financial objectives round the year.

A candidate is eligible to take admission in the course if he/she has obtained a graduation degree with a minimum of 50% in consolidated marksheet and must have cleared at least one examination in Maths.

Neural Networks and Deep Learning

Emergence of Artificial Intelligence was far-fetched until last few years. Technologies are advancing almost every hour. New learning and expertise are now a need of the hour. Institutes across the continents offer course in the subject matter.

Diploma Course, that runs for 6-12 months, in the field of Neural Networks and Deep Learning is a well-crafted programme, based on focused learning of ground concepts in Neural Networks and provides deep learning of associated terms. The course follows practical approach of learning and lays the foundation in Deep Learning Specialization.

In-depth acquaintance of the subject helps in developing AI systems and other applications. Professionals are expected to land jobs in IT Sector and a few years’ practice may help in shaping an individual’s own career path, as in self-employment.

A candidate must have obtained graduation degree in Science or equivalent with a minimum consolidated score of 50% from any recognized university. Admission to the programme is on merit basis followed by an interview to understand individual’s existing skills.

R Programming

R is taking over spaces in computers worldwide. Data analysis and Statistics are a part of business operations and R is one of the crucial tools to carry out operations in complex structure.

Institutes in varied nations offer a professional course in R programming, covering basics, matrices, factors, data frames and visualisations through planned sections positioned in 6-9 months. The course is unconventional to its core and an individual can create own data visualisations through in-depth knowledge and practice. Software development companies tend to prefer R programmers for their intense knowledge and specific skills.

A candidate requires no prior knowledge or experience to take up the course. An aspirant must understand the concept of statistics before rooting in R as the program language is as complex as a brain. Eligibility requirement is for candidate to have Mathematics as a mandatory subject in his senior school studies.

Microsoft Excel

Excel skill is a prerequisite in almost every next organisation and a job aspirant should understand the basic concepts of excel. Since the software programme is extensive to complex formulas, the Diploma course is everything from fundamentals to advanced formulas.

Diploma in Microsoft Excel is a defined course, laying down fundamentals and advancements techniques of the software. Excel is a relevant skillset for an individual as the programme is quite functional while having conventional interface. The course runs for 6-12 months encompassing basic excel functions, further proceeding to advanced excel and complex methods of calculations. Excel is diversified in a way that it performs even better than good number of similar software. The distinctive approach to carry out and integrate myriad numbers make this course to play a dominant role in placements.

The diploma course in excel is for beginners and need no prior knowledge or conceptual understanding. A candidate must have cleared senior school or equivalent level of qualification to take up the course and admission is based on merit in achieved eligible qualification.

Python Data Structures

Data Science is the future of Artificial Intelligence. The concept adds great value to the business. Study in statistics, data mining and data analytics boost up good to create structured programmes.

Python is one such leading programming language and is confined to doctorate level. Certification course like Diploma in Python Data Structure is one such programme that offers great deal of knowledge in specific time period, say 12-18 moths, through planned structures. The course covers detailed information on lists, dictionaries and tuples to carry out big data analysis. Python language, for its versatility, can be used at almost every phase involved in Data Science process. On career front, reports reveal that every 1 out of 3 programmers are accessing to Python Data Structures, making it practical and more functional in majority of organisations.

A candidate is required to have obtained graduation degree or equivalent from any recognized university and must have cleared at least one subject in statistics and mathematics each to be eligible for taking admission in the subject field.

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