Business Management

International Business

Business thrives with profitability through International Business Operations. Academic course in the field of International Business is relevant to circulate information about the world economies. In current era of globalization, nations associate with each other for trade relations and money-related support. The base objective of the International Business Course is to make students aware of the interdependencies and mutual relations of economies of different countries in today’s business environment.

Diploma in International Business is an 18-month professional program offering an understanding in development of strategic business plans that ensure profitable international expansion. The course covers varied aspects related to international business including identification and analysis of issues related to international trade. The program encompasses subject contents like Supply Chain Management, Marketing, Financial Derivatives & Risk Management, Financing and Foreign Language. Individuals have career opportunities for the position of executive, manager and consultant in several departments like export, business development, logistics, etc.

A candidate is required to have cleared senior school or equivalent level of examination in any stream from any recognized board to be eligible for the program. Admission is based on merit and a no. of institutes conduct exam along with merit as eligibility criteria.

Project Management

A specialized program is designed for aspirants pursuing a career in the field of project management. Diploma in Project Management is a 12-month program which provides students with an understanding of the processes and techniques required in project management. Theoretical and Practical learning are followed by an internship, depending upon the industry type.

Post successful completion of program, students will be able to demonstrate knowledge of project management operations, including human resource management, risk management, budgeting and accounting, marketing, and business computer applications. Career opportunities exist in almost every industry, whether localised businesses or global markets, and in public and private sector both. Individuals can work in Event Planning, Film Industry, Health Care Industry, Government, IT, Education and Retail Organisations.

A candidate is required to have bachelor’s degree in field of management from any recognized university to be eligible for this program. Admission is based on merit and some of the elite institutes conduct exams/reviews along with merit as eligibility criteria.

Small Business Management

Diploma in Small Business Management is a specialized program curated for aspirants who own, manage, or hope to one day own or manage a small business. The course has been developed and evolved examining the increasing count of failed small businesses in their initial phase only. The program is designed to help entrepreneurs and/or small business managers gain the basic knowledge and skills to effectively operate a small business. Subject field covers the core of marketing, advertising, psychology, business mathematics and other business principles.

Post successful acquaintance of diploma certification, individuals attain the skills and knowledge to formulate decisive policies in marketing, pricing, promotion, and distribution of products and services.

Aspirants can also shape career in related businesses like consultancy services to offer business-related strategies to individuals and groups.

A candidate is required to have cleared senior school or equivalent level of examination in any stream from recognized board to be eligible for this program. Some of the elite institutes conduct exams to analyse the business fundamentals’ clarity of a candidate.

Digital Marketing

Business depend significantly on digital platform available. Digital marketing is being carried out through internet and electronic sources. Institutes across the nations offer diverse range of courses in digital marketing.

Diploma in Digital Marketing is a 1.5-year program in which candidates are exposed to learning and creation of web banner ads, e-mails and branding domains through social media and search engine optimization (SEO) etc. being used as tools. The scope of digital marketing is beyond horizons. Aspirants can find work opportunities for the positions like Digital Marketing Manager, Content Manager, Social Media Marketing Specialist, Web Designer, App Developer, Search Engine Marketer, Inbound Marketing Manager, SEO Executive, Conversion Rate Optimizer etc. Also, many digital marketing agencies invest immensely on man power, creating new opportunities altogether. The platform is so evolving that business has never been able to emerged completely which makes it even a better field for individuals who think out of the box.

A candidate must have obtained bachelor’s degree with clearance in one subject of marketing or creative field as mandate, from any recognized university to be eligible to shape career in the field.

Strategic Management

Strategic Management has a big hand in management decision-making, developing inclination towards personnel with strategic management skills. For same reason, Institutes around the globe offer several professional programs in the field.

Diploma in Strategic Management is a 12-18-month program where candidates are provided with an in-depth understanding of concepts related to planning, strategies and analysis. This course is potential to offer distinguished thinking in order to perform strategically in the era when company giants like Microsoft and Apple dominate others in terms of market capitalization. The course helps to understand scenarios of evolution and how strategies impact the complete business processes. Globalization and Technology Advancements are the outcomes of strategic management. Individuals can work along key-management post few years of work experience and beginners can have opportunities for the job positions like coordinator, manager, risk and strategy consultant, etc.

A candidate is required to have obtained bachelor’s degree in the field of management from any recognized university to be eligible to take up the course. Admission is based on merit and entrance exam or review conducted by institutes.

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