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Community Services

Modern transition of fancy jobs into social services has witnessed a tremendous growth in last few years. People who wish to bring a change in society and think of doing something in favour of communities now have a platform where one could not only think but execute with a plan. Confinement of social work is now more than helping the needy. In the light of the changing era, many MNCs’ have made huge investments in the sector of social service.

Institutes around the globe offer diverse courses in the field. Diploma in Community Services is a specialized programme with duration of 12-18 months whilst covering detailed subjects like service provision, co-ordination, social awareness, etc. As a career aspect, social service is really a job worth satisfaction. Big MNCs tie up with NGOs and professionals endure substantial demand for full-time employment. Additionally, a professional social worker can extend his/her services in research and writing as well.

A candidate must have obtained 50% score in 10+2 level from a recognized board to be eligible for the programme. Admission to the course is specific to exam conducted by global institutes, depending upon varied factors.

Cyber Investigation and Laws

Technologies are critical in most of the sectors worldwide. Huge access requirements and complex networks have given breathe to cybercrime, an aftermath and a challenge concerned to organisations.

Diploma in Cyber Investigations and Laws is a skill-based professional programme, with duration of 6-12 months, where-in individuals are exposed to advanced learning of technology dynamics and in-depth concepts of Cyber security. The course imparts theoretical and practical knowledge both. As bracing as it sounds, an individual sign up for a whole new horizon in the field and learns software design & development, ethical hacking, digital analysis and assessments in compliance to legal framework.

The programme is defined to extend your areas of interest across varied sectors. Governments are funding huge investments on Cyber Lawyers, in order to protect their business interests and National security. Even financial institutions and legal-work organizations show huge interest and invest big in claiming security expertise.

A candidate is required to have cleared all examination of 10+2 level from a recognized board. Please note that stream is not a barrier to take up the course and admissions are based on merit as well as exam specific to independent academic institutions.


Hustle in a run-of-the-mill life, stress and depression is intensely building up amongst human lives. Psychology has shaped its extremities in human lives like medicine. Understanding the intensification, many academic institutes offer courses in the field of psychology, encompassing basic level in a duration of 12 months.  

Diploma in Psychology is a 1-year programme being offered to aspirants, where-in students are given theoretical as well as practical knowledge. The subject focuses majorly on human behaviour and provides an understanding to analyse and treat people without medication, through counselling.

Admission is on merit basis. Further, the subject, for being so detailed and defined, can be pursued for Ph.D. programme as well. On career front, the domains have enormously expanded, from just being a professional to cure mental illness, to eliminate stress of people at all levels under private and government sector both. Psychologists are being hired in schools, hospitals, private companies, research organizations, corporate houses and NGOs. Also, a professional has an open option to shape career being self-employed post few years of practice.


Languages are many, communication is one. Each individual learns a basic language, or native language, to communicate. Global companies, either emerging or emerged, look forward to work with individual professionals who claim a good command over foreign language(s). Many institutes offer courses related to varied foreign languages, to help build up proficiency or enhance foreign bilinguals.

Diploma in language is a preferred programme by individuals as well as organisations, for it is efficient and equally rewarding. Diploma courses in foreign language usually run for 12-24 months, depending upon complexity and structured modules. The course offers a practical approach towards learning, boosting expertise to deliver effective communicators.

Language, as a field, is not an independent skill programme but it does enhance the existing skills. It surely is an exception in certain areas. Professionals have a good scope to work with Academic institutes, Foreign Embassy, and many of global companies. An excellent command over foreign language(s) could yield even better rewards in term of exciting jobs like of a Language translator and a Subject matter specialist.

Paralegal Practice

True that academic qualification gets you money but what if you are not satisfied with what you do or plan to do. In light of the said statement, there are good chances being interested in investing time and money in a field beyond the traditional courses.  Study of Law is one of the suggested unconventional fields and if in case you plan to go into the law field, then there is one sure recommendation of the Paralegal Practice course.

Institutes around the globe offer varied courses in the field. Diploma course in Paralegal Practice is a professional programme being offered for a duration 12 months. The course provides the insights of the law(s) pertaining to case(s). It is important for an aspirant to have prior knowledge of the subject and a basic conceptual knowledge to proceed further in the field.

Paralegal Practitioner usually work in law firms, under guidance and supervision of lawyer(s). Work to be performed is usually related to research and paperwork. Even government agencies and insurance companies hire professionals, paying more for experience. Nevertheless, freelancers are sought after once in-depth knowledge is acquired.

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